"Industrial hemp is the most useful plant on earth."

We firmly believe in this and we strive to promote hemp in agriculture and business across Europe and worldwide. We do this by supplying the largest selection of EU certified planting seed, thus connecting the various economic purposes of hemp growing to the diverse pool of hemp genetics from around the globe.

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The competitive edge of industrial hemp

We have all heard of the endless uses of the hemp plant, but it’s the competitive edge of hemp-derived products that gives us the peace of mind to be running a sustainable business while enabling win-win-win situations for environment, economy and society. It’s hard to believe that one plant can offer best-in-class raw materials that cover the most important aspects of our lives – food, health, shelter, energy and much more. Hemp plant, taken at its entirety, produces an enormous positive impact on the environment by means of its capacity for high CO2 absorption, soil remediation and natural substitution of oil-based materials and fuels.

The contents of industrial hemp plant

Hemp seed is one-of-a-kind nutrition powerhouse – it’s a rich source of essential fatty acids (80% Omega-3 and Omega-6), protein, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals in a unique composition. Hemp technical fibers are among the strongest natural fibers and offer a lightweight bio substitution to synthetic fibers in plastics and other industries. The thermal insulation and hygroscopic properties of the hemp wood (shives/hurds) mixed with natural lime make for an award-winning innovative building material that has the potential of big reductions to the massive carbon footprint of today’s building industry. Finally, it’s our health that matters most and Cannabis Sativa L. answers with a potent cocktail of high-therapeutic-value active substances like Cannabidiol (CBD) and more than 60 active terpenes, which make the inflorescence of the industrial hemp plant one of the most expensive and highly demanded plant-derived boutique commodities.

Grow Hemp – Create Products – Build a Network

We at iHempFarms like to grow hemp while we are growing our network of hemp growers and businesses. We like to create opportunities and share them with our network partners around the world. It’s our core value and it’s based on our belief there is room for everyone under the hemp roof.

So, let’s collaborate…let’s grow it!

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We enjoy playing a part in connecting hemp demand to supply.
Providing a growing assortment of raw materials, goods, machinery, solutions.
With the aim to streamline hemp development into the mainstream.

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